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New Offer Medical Inhalation

1. Problems with breathing:

Preparation                    Indication

Astamanol                         asthma
Bronchioles                       asthma and bronchitis
Respiol                              breathing problems

2. Boost your immune system:

Preparation                  Indication

Gripol                                flu
Immunol                            strengthen the immune system
Feminol                            menopause symptoms
“Polar Bear”                      disinfecting airways
Reduktol                           supports fat burning

 3. Mentally stimulating effect

Preparation               Indication

Depresol                          mentally restorative effect
Dormanol                         insomnia
Konzentrol                        for better concentration
Neurol                              calming effect
Relaxol                             relaxing effect
Stimulol                            cortex stimulation
“Queen of hearts”            aphrodisiac


Replacing mattresses in all rooms

For this reason, we have purchased and changed mattresses in all rooms with the Luxurious 5 * and Business 4 * class collection Materasso. This is a mattress with a sophisticated core from a pocket...

Speed up internet access

At the moment, the hotel uses the latest wireless technology with almost zero chance of being barred. Speed of 50 Mbps guarantees to our guests smooth online viewing of favorite movies and serials, as well as uninterrupted...

New kettles and hot drink sets

All rooms are currently equipped with kettles and sets for hot drinks

Night bar at the hotel reception

We would like to introduce our new bar at the hotel reception, which is open daily from 9 pm. to 7 am. All guests of our hotel will be able to order tea, coffee, various...


Guests of the Interhotel Central can enjoy a brand new restaurant buffet. Self-service cooling desks were made of the finest stainless steel materials, equipped with LED lighting and hygienic glass cover. Thanks to that, the food...

Massage on a waterbed HydroJet

The HydroJet massage procedure is a mechanical massage on a waterbed with a system of controlled water nozzles. It takes 20 minutes to the whole body or with the possibility of omitting problematic sites of the...

Hydrotherapy Bath OCEAN FORTE

Interhotel Central purchased new hydrotherapy bathtub OCEAN FORTE. New bathtub will offer our customers the possibility to carry out different kinds of underwater massage (full body massage, whirlpool massage follows contours of your body, hydroxeur) and...

New Treatment Inhalation

Interhotel Central has purchased new inhalers for therapeutic and preventive treatment. Now it will be possible to carry out inhalations using the mineral water from thermal springs together with healing essential oils.