TR Therapy - Instantly reduces pain and edema


The beauty of TR-Therapy is the instantaneous result. The relief comes few moments after starting the therapy. The relief doesn’t end with the therapy but lasts hours after.

Most common applications:

Cervical Pain -  is a common condition four in five people will suffer from at some point of their life. TR-Therapy relieves cervical pain through the process of myorelaxation during which the blood perfusion of the area is heightened and the trigger points relieved. TR-Therapy combines well with massage of the affected muscles, post-isometric relaxation (PIR) and muscle activation. All of which help relieve muscles in the cervical region and learn proper motion stereotypes.

Low Back Pain -  is caused primarily by high tension of the paravertebral muscles of the lumbar spine and large back muscles. TR-Therapy increases blood perfusion of the area both superficially and in depth. When combined with a manual technique of e.g. TR-Therapy Massage Technique the relief from either acute or chronic pain is immediate and long-lasting.

Gonalgia (Pain of the knee) -  is a rather limiting condition leading to antalgic hold of posture resulting in bad locomotion stereotypes causing overload of other muscle groups and their pain and stiffness. TR-Therapy helps in two ways – in combination with manual Massage Technique and stretching, it relieves pain and hypertonous muscles and prevents surgery. If surgical treatment is required, TR-Therapy can be used post-surgery to provide healing support and faster recovery.

Trigger Points in Cervical Region - overuse or trauma to the muscles that support the shoulders and neck are a common cause of cervical myofascial pain. Upon examination, the therapist locates the hyperirritable area – the trigger points. Using TR-Therapy capacitive mode increases blood perfusion in the superficial area. In the next step, resistive mode focuses radiofrequency energy into the previously located trigger points and relieves them. TR-Therapy for treatment of trigger points gives even better results when combined with manual techniques using the TR-Therapy concept e.g. TR-Therapy Massage Technique or TR-Therapy Passive Motion Technique.

Painful Shoulder - frozen shoulder is a painful condition limiting the range of motion in the shoulder joint, affecting daily activities such as brushing one’s hair, turning the lights on/off etc. After the acute stage, TR-Therapy can be applied. Initially, TR-Therapy works athermally and reduces inflammation. Consequently TR-Therapy is applied thermally to affect surrounding muscles, which were previously inhibited or overloaded. We facilitate the inhibited muscles and relax the overloaded ones. TR-Therapy reduces pain and allows the patient to return to daily activities – but painles.

Ankle Distortion - swelling in the ankle area occurs as a part of the inflammatory response or as a result of the lymphatic system insufficiency. If not treated in acute phase, it can fibrotize and become chronic. TR-Therapy eliminates edema through athermic process. TR-Therapy restores capillary permeability caused by the trauma and increases activity of the lymphatic system ending in faster drainage, healing and edema resorption. 


The price:
20 min. –   800 CZK
30 min. – 1000 CZK
45 min. – 1400 CZK

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